May Fitness

I said that when EMT class was over I’d get back on the fitness wagon. I did do much better than I had during the rest of 2012. I didn’t do anything too intense or too much but I did ride my bike to work a few times; went running a few times including a race; and got out in the woods with Forrest, Sprocket, and friends.

Can you tell class ended on May 11?

I can, and certainly hope, to do better but it sure beats an empty workout calendar! I already started June off well with the Rainier To Ruston relay…post on that coming soon!

5 Replies to “May Fitness”

    1. I use (which clearly lets you do other things than running). It’s a nice way to track what I’ve been up to.

      1. Oh, that’s awesome. I have an account there, but obviously don’t use it to its full potential. And I have a garmin for running. And yet, somehow, the two have never met. It’s a goal to get them synced up this summer. Thanks!

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