Last fall we filled out our paperwork and sent it in to the Idaho Department of Transportation to adopt the section of I-90 just to the west of town. Driving home Monday, a shiny new sign caught my eye…it was the sign marking our adoption of the section! (It also made me smile because we put “F & Beth B.” on it marking the first time I’ve seen my future name in official type!)

We arranged to do our cleanup yesterday and spent a couple of hours picking up trash on a two mile section of the freeway. I really should have a picture of F and I in our sweet safety vests and giant orange trash bags but we forgot the camera. We did pick up 23 bags of trash! This morning when I drove to work, the Idaho Department of Transportation crew had already picked up the bags and the highway was looking great (what I could see through the pouring down rain anyway).

Consider adopting a stretch of highway. In Idaho, you agree to clean your section twice a year for two years and it really didn’t take that long so the commitment isn’t too onerous. If you had more than two people it would go pretty fast!

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  1. What an awesome thing. Our canyon does an at least annual pick up that we will need to participate in, but this is a fantastic thing to add to the list!

  2. good for you! i was just working on an adopt the river program for our river… i hope we lots of enthusiastic people like you and Forrest sign up!

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