Exploring Near Mullan Pass

Thursday, we decided to take the jeep for a drive. We all jumped in and headed up to Mullan Pass. At the pass, we decided to explore a spur road that headed to the north. It wasn’t too long before we hit a few downed trees and since we’d forgotten that we’re supposed to always bring the chainsaw we wound up taking a little hike.

Looking into Montana

The views from the road were really incredible. It headed up into a small bowl with bear grass and huckleberry meadows all around after giving us some expansive views east into Montana. As most roads do around here, it lead to an old mine site. This one still had a structure standing (I think it was a chute for loading ore). There was a road headed further uphill from the mine that we decided we should explore again soon.

Old mine remains

“Soon” wound up being the very next day. We took the quad (and the chainsaw this time!) up to the mine. Just around the corner where we’d stopped walking we ran into a three foot snow drift. We left the quad and just started hiking. The road was steep but the views at the top were definitely worth it.

This ridge is the Idaho-Montana line
Sprocket’s paw looks so little next to the wolf print!
Looking into Montana

The road seemed to extend further north up the ridge but there was still some snow on it. I’d love to come back up here in a couple of weeks and explore some more. It’s really fun to see the mountains that surround town from a different perspective further away.

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