Van: In Progress

Forrest went to Oregon a couple of weeks ago to work on our van conversion.

Here’s what it looked like towards the middle of his time over there:

Here’s the van now with a large storage area under the bed.

We now have a window installed on the drivers side above the sink. It lets in so much more light!


We still have some cabinets to put in and need a two-burner stove but we’re slowly getting there! It’s already much more comfortable than it was. F and Ezra did a good job, don’t you think?

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  1. Sick van! I’ve been tempting myself to grab a new adventure vehicle; the Civic just isn’t cutting it. But, I can’t imagine the fuel economy of a loaded van would meet my requirements either. However, that doesn’t prevent me from being completely jealous of you!

    1. The Sprinter van is a freak of fuel economy. It’ll pull in the mid-20s cruising at freeway speeds…drop down to 45-55mph on the back highways (the only place to be anyway) and we get about 30mpg.

  2. This is so so so so cool. I am loving seeing how everything comes along. I have a million questions about what you’re going to do, but I think I’ll just wait and see.

  3. Wow guy’s that is a sweet 140 conversion!
    Love the layout!

    I’m curious as to why you sleep length wise vs width?
    It seem it would create more space for other stuff?
    I’m looking at selling my eurovan and buying a sprinter t1n like yours.


    1. We slept lengthwise because we’re tall and there’s not enough room in the Sprinter for us to sleep the other way although we would have loved to. Our bed was queen length and a touch (I think 2 or 3 inches) narrower than a full.

      1. I see, make sens 😉
        Do you think someone 5’8 could sleep width wise or it would be pushing it?
        I bet there is nothing like having a big bed like that in such a compact package.


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