Sunset From Stevens Peak

Despite living directly below Stevens Peak for a year and a half, I’d never been to the summit (F hadn’t been either until just a couple weeks ago). Last Wednesday, after our Pulaski Tunnel hike, we took the jeep out for a ride.

The road wound up the ridge just to the west of the peak and popped out in the beautiful subalpine meadow. (I’m so glad we have peaks just high enough to have these meadows. They’re so pretty!) The road ended just below the summit and the three of us headed up to watch the sunset.

We’re not surrounded by the glorious mountain peaks that exist elsewhere in the west but we could glimpse the Cabinets and the Scotchmans off in the distance as well as look down at Stevens Lakes and Lone Lake. The sunset to the west was gorgeous and the full moon rising to our east wasn’t half bad either! (The mosquitos on the other hand were horrid.)

Lovely ending to a Wednesday, don’t you think?

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