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When we got engaged last July and started planning our wedding, we knew that we wanted some awesome pictures to document the event because 1) it’s our wedding and 2) it’s Moab!

I scoured the internet searching for the perfect person to photograph our wedding. After more hours than I care to admit, I wound up finding Amanda through A Practical Wedding. Forrest and I sent her an email (or ten) and the three of us had an awesome Skype conversation. The fact that Amanda was super excited to come out and take pictures of our wedding made it easy to know that she was the one we wanted to come out to Utah. We’ve emailed back and forth as our wedding plans have developed and had an awesome Skype chat last week which left me pretty much grinning.

This morning, a post popped up in my Google Reader: Amanda’s Big Adventure Means Loot For You.

“So, a few hours with Google Maps, a calculator, and a few big cups of coffee, and I’ve got numbers.  Big numbers.  Numbers like 5000 miles, 68 hours of driving.”

A 5,000 mile road trip? To do what she loves? Now I know we picked the right person to shoot our wedding.

Amanda’s got some big plans to hit up some classic spots in the west and make pictures all along the way. She’s planning on shooting film and digital. Traveling. Exploring. Taking pictures. Simply put, she’s doing the thing she loves. (And you know, shooting our wedding in there too.)

To help support her trip, she’s started an Indiegogo campaign called Photo Journey to the Mecca of Epic with some pretty sweet perks including postcards, calendars, fine art prints, and more. Click over to her campaign and take a look at what she’s offering. Over at 3Up Adventures, we’re always psyched to see someone get an opportunity and run with it—Amanda’s Big Adventure is totally one of those kickass dream chasing ideas.


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