“Shelf Lake” Hike

Forrest and I headed up into the mountains above town to check out a waterhole we’d spotted on Google Earth to see what it was. We jeeped up the ridge north of town and then took a spur that ended at quite a cliff overlooking the waterhole we were looking for.

Yeah, it’s a cliff.

After we backed the jeep away from the precipice, we hiked down the ridge towards the lake. The hillside was pretty steep but we attained the lake pretty quickly. It turns out that the little lake is on a shelf about halfway down to the bottom of the canyon.

The cliff
The lake

We walked around the lake to take a look down into the valley before deciding how best to get back to the jeep. After looking at the cliff a little bit more, we decided to try scrambling back up the cliff. It was actually not too difficult of a scramble and certainly much more fun than hiking back up the steep hillside.

Aside from “discovering” the secret lake, we had quite a nice hike and scramble. It was a great after-work adventure!

Overlooking the valley at “Shelf Lake”
Scrambling out of “Shelf Lake”

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