Cabinet Mountain Backpacking, Part 2

This is Part 2 of my Labor Day backpacking trip to Snowshoe Lake. Part 1 is over here.

Our plan to make sure we checked out above the lake before heading out was a great one. It was simply gorgeous up there! After playing on some of the big boulders, we headed back to the lake, packed up and headed for the car. We made good time heading back out (except for that one point where we lost the trail, ended up in a bit of a swamp and had to resort to boulder hopping along the river for awhile before scrambling back up the hill to find the trail).

Snowshoe Lake
Sprocket and his snow
Hiking buddies
Waterfall near the headwaters of the North Fork Bull River
I had to make Sprocket wait to swim so I could capture the perfect reflection!

We really enjoyed our trip, it reminded me how much I love backpacking. We haven’t been nearly often enough and I look forward to doing more soon!

Waterfalls coming down a cliff next to the river


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