Back to Work…

We ended up on a small detour on our way home on Friday afternoon and instead of arriving home Friday evening, we walked in the door Sunday afternoon.

Detour #1

Post farmland there were mountains, rivers, beer, hiking, and relaxing. It was lovely.

Re-entry sucks. More from me tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Back to Work…”

  1. I was reading the post over at APW and I was like Beth? Forrest? DOG? And then it hit me… Sproket’s mama!!!! Congratulations on the wedding!!! And I had no idea about your loss… It must be so hard to have those conflicting feelings surrounding such a naturally emotional event… I can’t even begin to imagine. Soqueta sends besos and abrazos for Sprocket 😉

    1. Aw! Thanks for the congrats. The wedding (and the whole trip!) was so much fun–so difficult to be back at work! As far as the messy emotions; turns out crying in the woods is really good for me, after my sobbing fit I was pretty okay on that front.

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