Wedding, Part 13: Morning Glory Canyon Hike

Bright and early, Stacia, Andrea, Amanda, and I headed for Morning Glory Canyon (aka Negro Bill Canyon) to do some hiking. There was actually a little more to the plan than just hiking through the beautiful canyon but only 75% of us knew that. ūüôā

Amanda relates the story pretty perfectly over at her blog with lots and lots of pictures. Here’s a couple of my favorites, plus some more tidbits from me.

Stacia and I weren’t sure how far we wanted to hike or exactly what setting she wanted to propose in. What we did know is that we were the only car in the parking lot so we had the canyon to ourselves. There were a few almost right places but when we came to a place where the creek ran right next to the gorgeous red rock with a stone out in the middle of the water we looked at each other, Stacia nodded, and it was a go. I wandered back towards Amanda and Dre and sort of ushered them forward while I headed back down the trail to figure out how to climb up to a ledge above the trail (and in the process managed to scratch my wedding ring just 12 hours after putting it on*).

After what seemed like an appropriate amount of time, I headed back up trail to see if the coast was clear. It was and I pulled a specially carried bottle of sparkling cider from my backpack…only to discover I’d forgotten the bottle opener… oops. (I did try to open it on the rock but only succeeded in scraping my knuckles,¬†alternative¬†bottle opening technique is F’s¬†gig.)

The rest of the hike was awesome. We went another 3/4 of a mile or so while Andrea gushed about how¬†surprised¬†she was and while Stacia told her story of how she pulled it off. ¬† It just couldn’t have been a more perfect morning of love.

Congratulations guys, I’m definitely looking forward to your wedding.

*Which isn’t something I was sad about, it’s something I fully expected. I just figured it would take longer than that.

All photos © 2012 Amanda Summerlin

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