Slowing Down: Scottsdale Edition

Killing time in a city, especially a more residential city, is not our cup of tea. We arrived back in the Scottsdale area Monday evening after a nice drive through the desert (we even took a short walk and tried to teach Sprocket to avoid pointy-spiny things).

In town, we took a pleasant walk and found Sprocket some playmates in an unofficial evening dog meetup. We relaxed in a coffee shop for the evening and went to bed early. Most of Tuesday was spent getting my hair cut, going to Home Depot, doing some grocery shopping (we did our shopping in El Super: Forrest was really excited to find some of his favorite apple juice and we loaded up on salsa and tortillas).

We also visited McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. Although we decided to not ride the 5/12 reproduction train, we did walk around the model railroad exhibit. Later in the evening, we relaxed in a park with a boys baseball practice as our entertainment. Wednesday morning, we returned to the park where Sprocket found another unofficial dog meetup—although he seemed more interested in hanging out with the human members of the gathering. Forrest and I played a little catch, we walked around the neighborhood and set out looking for our next adventure—which has turned out to be relaxing in the library.

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