The first phase of curtains is completed. We bought a set of “thermal blackout” curtains from Target. They are grommeted (so they fold up tightly), match the interior of the van, and required minimal alteration (a team effort hemming job).

They do make it easier to heat up the cab when it’s cold, keep the heat in the bed area instead of going out the windows, and give privacy. They also look like they “belong” from both the inside and the outside.

The curtain rod itself is pretty cool. It’s a carbon fiber/Kevlar windsurfing mast.

Phase two, some sort of shades for the side and rear windows will be in progress this winter. (I need to make friends with someone in Southern Arizona that has a sewing machine.) I’m leaning toward panels with magnets to the sheet metal…

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    1. The carbon fiber windsurfing mast came in the van. We sold most of ’em to a dealer in Hood River but that one had been altered and wasn’t worth a whole lot. I like that it brings a touch of the van’s history in, you know?

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