Seat Swivels

Forrest designed these swivels for our seats!

Since we only have about 25 square feet of floor space, being able to use the existing seating in the van maximizes that space.

The swivels are 2 pieces of 1/8″ plate (This raises the seats 1/4″)with counter sunk allen bolts and a 7/16″ grade 8 center pivot with a lock nut. (Sheer strength is 13,530 lbs!) The center bolt is 1.5″ off-center to pivot with the doors shut. A spring loaded 1/4″ pin locks the two plates together in the driving position.

-Swivels are available commercially for about $500 and raise the seats 1.5-2″.

2 Replies to “Seat Swivels”

  1. Hi guy’s !
    Love the fact that you manage to do it for cheap, and not raise the seat’s too much compare to the expensive commercial option.

    any chance to get some DIY guide on building one?

    Many thanks

  2. Same!! My GF is 5′ 3″ and barely can reach the gas/brake pedals as is, so the 2″ high commercial ones are no good for us… a quick sketch of the swivel would be really helpful.



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