First Day in Hawaii

We spent our first few days in Hawaii with Shel and Zeppelin (unfortunately Evan was in Washington for work). Shel kindly lent us her car and we headed to the North Shore to check it out. The first day, we had loco moco breakfast in Haleiwa before going to Sunset Beach to watch some of the World Cup of Surfing. As we passed through Kahuku, I tried pani popo (a sweet bun soaked in coconut milk) from a street vendor, it was delicious.

At Kahana Bay, we got off the highway and hiked the Nakoa Trail. It was pretty buggy in spots and didn’t have and views so we left feeling a little bit disappointed although it felt pretty cool to be hiking through the jungle.

We also stopped to visit a macadamia nut farm and picked up some kalua pork and laulau for lunch. We ate our lunch on Hie’ea Pier, stopped at Waimanalo Beach for some ocean time, and then finished looping around the eastern side of the island.

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