Big Island: Our Private Green Sand Beach

During our explorations of the Big Island we stopped at a beach for lunch and to enjoy the sunshine. The beach was packed but we did meet a local who suggested that we check out a green sand beach south of Ocean View. He warned us that the road required pretty good ground clearance and as long as we just went to the green sand beach that we wouldn’t need 4-wheel drive.

Our private ocean view

We made a quick stop at the grocery store for a six-pack and also picked up some food for dinner (garlic mahi mahi and a BBQ mix plate). The unmarked road to the ocean lead us almost six miles south down a bad gravel road (a pickup would handle the road just fine).

Arriving at the ocean, we had the beach all to ourselves. The small beach had green sand and pounding surf. There was rain visible on the horizon but where we were the sun was shining. A rainbow was visible over an isolated area of salt-and-pepper sand with one palm tree.

A private beach at the end of the rainbow
Rental car glamor shot

We decided to spend the night on the beach and do some more exploring of the lava and of the private beach the next morning.

Beautiful sunrise

We clamored all over the lava flows following a jeep trail. Along the way, we found cool lava formations and some deep cracks in the lava. The sunrise was absolutely beautiful and we still had the whole beach to ourselves before trekking back to the car and making our way back up the gravel to the highway.

At the edge of the lava flow
The Secret Beach
Our green sand beach

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  1. We did the same thing on Maui. Our rental car went where no car should go but we had such a blast!! Sometimes I swear that we were hanging on the cliffs with our fingernails but it was an adventure we will never forget!! So beautiful and so primitive!!! We were gone from early morning til night but we didn’t sleep overnight there. How fun for you and Forrest!!! Hawaii is one of my favorite places to go ever!!! So glad that you two made it there. Your Mom tells me your next adventure will be ALASKA!! WhoooHooo!!! Love it!! Bet you are missing Sproket right about now though!! When are you coming back to the mainland??

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