California Rambles

After leaving Joshua Tree, we headed west. Our plan was to spend a few days exploring the mountains to the north of Santa Barbara via some roads Forrest found on Google. Our first attempt at exploration was foiled when the road was gated just inside the National Forest boundary. We spent the night there and in the morning headed to the ranger station in Ojai to make a plan for the rest of our trip.

Highway 38, California

We settled on Rose Valley as our destination and headed back up into the mountains. At Lions Camp we parked the van and went for a hike while we waited for the morning chill to dissipate. The hike up Lion’s Canyon was pretty uneventful but it was a beautifully sunny day. Sprocket was especially happy to be back on the trail! Back at camp, we tried to read our books in the chill sunshine, made friends with one of our fellow campers at his campfire, and headed to bed early. In the morning, when the thermometer read 15° F, Forrest decided that he’d had enough of the mountains and it was time to head to the coast.

Forrest and Sprocket in Lion Canyon
On the trail

In Santa Barbara, we took Sprocket for a walk on the beach. It was his first time in the Pacific Ocean and he seemed quite delighted—almost as delighted as we were with our Woodstock’s pizza! Later in the afternoon, we took another walk on the beach. The next morning, I went for a run with Sprocket and then we went to the beach. It was so much fun to have Sprocket to play in the water with! Post beach time, we rinsed Sprocket off and headed to a friend’s house for more fun!

Looking north from Lion Canyon

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