A Walk Up An Arroyo

Sometimes we don’t set off with a destination in mind. We get in the Jeep with the dog, some water, the camera and go. Somewhere along the line we’re bound to see a cool old car, a mine shaft, a new road, or a mountain. On a beautiful desert January day, we spotted an arroyo that needed some exploring, so we went.

Sprocket loved having his Ruffwear boots to protect him from the cacti spines! He’s a trooper when we have to help him but it’s nice to have a little bit of protection.

Sprocket’s Grip Trex boots were provided by Ruffwear.

3 Replies to “A Walk Up An Arroyo”

  1. How cute are those booties!! I tried using them with my first canine baby Errol but he despised them and would high step about with them on. I considered it with Soqueta too because the pavement is scalding hot in the summer but my experience with Errol made me think that no dogs would wear them and plus…. people already think I’m cruel and strange for using a gentle leader. So instead I just try to avoid going out midday.

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