Fellow Adventurers!: Hanging out with Simply Adventure

Last week, Simply Adventure passed through Moab. Katie mentioned that they were looking for things to do so I suggested that we meet up and take a quick hike into Hidden Valley. We ambled up the trail comparing notes about living on the road and the places we’d visited and were planning on visiting. It was so much fun to talk to people who truly get how we live—van life +adventure=awesomeness.

At the top of the valley, we set out to see the petroglyphs. In all my hikes up the canyon, I had never seen them. It’s one of the coolest petroglyph sites around Moab: they’re on a cliff overlooking Behind The Rocks, the river, and off towards Canyonlands & Deadhorse Point with the La Sals behind you.

After our seven and a half mile “quick hike,” we were all hungry and decided that this occasion called for a trip to the Moab Brewery (good burgers, expensive meh beer). We toasted to new vandwelling friends and had an excellent time.

The next day, we’d hoped to go jeeping but the day started out cold and wet. I joined Katie and Niko on a trip to Arches. I hadn’t been since my first trip to Moab in spring 2009 so I was more than happy to go back. We visited Sand Dune and Broken Arches in the north part of the park before hiking to Delicate Arch.

A huge thank you to Simply Adventure for sharing some fun!

Simply Adventure is spending 2013 on the road in their yellow Sprinter climbing and emphasizing land stewardship and conservation. Katie blogs about their adventures at The Morning Fresh, tweets from @TheMorningFresh and @SimplyAdventure, and can be found on Facebook.

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  1. Used to go to Arches as a kid and I hated it. So boring. Then I went as an adult, actually got out of the car and hiked, and witnessed a place that is different than anywhere else on Earth. Quite amazing. Delicate Arch at sunset is saweet.

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