Indian Creek, Part 1

Once we had the van in shape, after about three weeks in Moab, it was time to get back on the road. We headed south for “Canyonlands” not really knowing what our plan was. Katie and Niko had been planning on going climbing at Indian Creek and we figured it’d be fun to hang out with some climbers and maybe get on a top rope ourselves.

Having driven through most of the valley and not finding the yellow Sprinter, we checked the bulletin board at Beef Basin. We found a note some of their friends had left for them and figured if we found they mystery white Toyota with an orange and blue tent, we’d likely find Katie and Niko so we headed for Creek Pasture campground where they were staying.

At Creek Pasture, we snagged the last campsite and headed out for a walk. Sprocket was super excited to see some water and roll in sand. Back at camp, we hopped into the van to find some shelter from the wind and did some reading and writing. We noticed a car driving around a couple of times and waved it down as it was about to leave—since we’re very self contained in the van we don’t really use a site for camping so much as parking—and invited them to share our site.

Mikey and Adam were the best campsite-mates we could have asked for! They let us flip through their Indian Creek guidebook and invited us to join them for dinner. We also met our neighbors across the road and their dog Nori. We enjoyed chatting with Mikey and Adam and learning about their company, Pedal People, as well as asking Mikey lots of questions about climbing.

After dinner we drifted over to the campfire across the road. We listened as they talked about the routes they’d climbed that day and the routes they were hoping to climb. As we chatted, I kept looking over at one of the girls—she looked so very familiar to me but I couldn’t place where I would have met her. Finally I blurted out, “Lauren, you look really familiar.” She looked a bit relieved and said I looked familiar to her as well. I had only one decent idea about where I might recognize someone from but not know them, “Did you go to Bates?” As it turns out, she did, graduating in 2011 so we only overlapped one year but knew many of the same people. Crazy coincidences!

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