Indian Creek, Part 2

In the morning, we found Haley and Scott and discovered they hadn’t been able to find Katie and Niko either. Back at camp, we shared our coffee with Mikey and Adam and talked about what our plans for the day were. Mikey and Adam were planning to climb South Six Shooter Peak and we asked if we could tag along on the hike to the bottom of the climbing pitch with them. They seemed happy for the company so we pulled out following them to the trailhead. They pulled over at a parking area and began to unpack their car, explaining to us that there was a “big drop off” ahead that we couldn’t drive down. Forrest suggested that they hop in the van and we’d go check it out. As we reached the “difficult” section, there was another climbing party unpacking their car for the hike in so we decided to invite them to hop in as well.

The afternoon turned out to be lots of fun—the hike up the talus slope kept leading to better and better views and hanging out at the base of the climb was actually a ton of fun. It would have been even more fun to climb ourselves (although Forrest scrambled up the first pitch to check it out). As I was relaxing on a rock, basking in the sun, another climbing party reached the top of the trail. It was Haley & Scott—this time rather than waking them up in camp, I properly introduced myself and found out that I “knew” Haley via Twitter.

Back in the campground, we talked to a couple from Canada who are traveling in a Unimog with a camper mounted on the back. It was really fun to talk to another couple who were on the hunt for the perfect adventure vehicle: 4-wheel drive, gas mileage, and livability. We also headed back over to our friends from Saturday night to hear about their climbing exploits of the day.

Thank you to everyone we met in Indian Creek. I was totally floored by how welcoming everybody was to a couple of maybe-sorta-wannabe climbers. You all made our time there so much fun. We’ll totally be back.

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  1. Reading about your time in Indian Creek has just been too cool – I love hearing that you met so many wonderful people (especially Haley!) and were so welcomed by the climbing community. I wish I had gotten out there so bad!

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