Lake Powell To Hanksville

We spent the night along the “shores” of Lake Powell at the Hite campground. We couldn’t believe how low the water level in the lake was! Since Sprocket is the spoiled puppy child, we still found him some access to the water—and access to lots of mud. He was one happy dog!

Since the lake level was so low, we decided to head away from the lake. Alongside the road, was a camping area at the mouths of the Irish Canyons, a canyoneering area. We’re not canyoneers (although we’d love to try canyoneering!) but we spent some time scrambling around.

Sprocket provided us some awesome entertainment as he tried to turn around within a narrow spot in the rocks. He’s such a good natured dog to provide us such awesome entertainment:

Although we’ve gotten glimpses from the Henry Mountains from the Moab area for years, we’ve never driven past their base. They’re such pretty mountains! The wet, muddy roads combined with the low snow level prevented us from exploring them. We’ll have to go back to this area sometime soon, there’s lots of exploring to be done!

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