Why It’s Hard To Know Where To Live

When we made the choice to be nomads, it was in the back of our minds all along that we’d find a nice little town and settle down. Doesn’t sound that hard right?

Apparently, we’re the picky sort. We want:

1. Elevation to exceed population

2. NPR reception

3. Access to motorcycle riding

4. Mountain views

5. A yummy brewery

6. Good pizza

7. Affordable property

8. A young, intelligent, and involved population.

9. A volunteer fire department within responding distance.

9a. A volunteer EMT department.

10. Room for Sprocket to roam.

11. Lots of hiking

It’s out there…right?

4 Replies to “Why It’s Hard To Know Where To Live”

  1. Yes, it sounds like the Boulder Colorado area or Montrose down and through Telluride. I would of thought that with you last post you had already been on that loop though.

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