Hunter Canyon

While F was riding, Sprocket and I headed out hiking. The weather was gorgeous but on the hot side so I took Sprocket to Hunter Canyon. There was still plenty of water in the canyon which made Sprocket really happy.

I love hiking and exploring some of the narrow canyons in the deserts. This was a pretty nice trail that crossed the creek several times. The cliffs above the had arches and other interesting rock formations. It was really nice to be out enjoying myself in the company of my puppy. Sprocket was pretty delighted to have lots of water to play in.

The Hunter Canyon trail is about four miles round trip and is mostly flat. The canyon isn’t that narrow so there’s plenty of sunshine but also lots of places to find some shade for a break. It’s not too far from Moab but also is less popular than trails in Arches or elsewhere. Open to hikers only, it’s a nice quiet place to relax and explore.

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