A Moment

Laying on my bed, reading, I pondered if I’d gotten too much sun laying out among the trees that afternoon. A little pink, I decided, but it’d be fine.

Unexpectedly, my lazy pup, leaped to his feet and ran to the door, just sitting. He settled in, laying down and staring intently out the door.

I had a sneaking suspicion, we had some furry friends outside. I smiled to myself, proud that my dog doesn’t chase animals.

Sure enough, my buddy and these guys were just watching each other.

It’s those little happy moments that let me know I’m doing something right.

Have you had one of these moments recently that just make you smile?

6 Replies to “A Moment”

  1. I love everything about this. Lately when I come back from babysitting, my cats have been waiting in the window for me, and then by the time I get to the front door, they are at the door waiting. It makes me feel so loved, and we get each other.

    1. Sprocket gets up every night to greet me when I come home from the restaurant at midnight. Lazy dog that he is, he gets his pat & kiss, and goes back to bed. Aren’t pets the best?

  2. I live for those moments. Last night, walking home from my community garden, I thought, “I am really, incredibly blessed.” Best thing, though? Printing out the directions for my next road trip adventure. So stoked.

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