Hippie Cleaning

Awhile ago, I posted about Green Housekeeping and how excited I was about implementing some of the ideas. Since we were living in a garage, the whole thing sort of got put aside. Yesterday, however, I finally rolled up my sleeves and started cleaning our new apartment. First thing first, was a trip to the store for some supplies:

The first exciting thing about my trip to the store is that I was able to walk there. (Although a construction worker on the way back thought it would be helpful to suggest a car as transportation.)

The second exciting thing was that my purchase of supplies came to less than $20. Bam.

My first task was to start cleaning our coffee maker. We purchased it used at 2nd Chance and figured a good cleaning would be the way to start. As suggested in Green Housekeeping, I added a pint of vinegar and topped off with water. I actually repeated this twice and then brewed three pots of just hot water. The pot of coffee I’m drinking right now tastes perfect.

My second task was cleaning the oven. I have no idea how long it has been since the oven was cleaned but I put a dish of ammonia in the oven overnight and most everything lifted out pretty easily with a minimum of scrubbing.

Even better: my hands didn’t start peeling from using cleaning chemicals! Oddly excited to keep trying out hints from the book!

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