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Life has been crazy around here in the two weeks!

We spent a couple of days urban camping around Phoenix and Mesa. We had both the truck and the van towing the trailer and within a few hours we knew that the trailer was much too big for us to comfortably travel in. After some discussion and deliberation, F and I concluded that we could live in a camper—preferably on a 4×4 truck so we could go more places.

And then the Craigslist-ing began: we needed to sell the van, the trailer, the street bike, and the truck. We needed to find a camper and a different truck.

We figured that finding a camper in all of Phoenix wouldn’t be that hard. Wrong.

After some searching, the best price we could find was in Quartzsite. Bob, of Cheap RV Living, was camping there and we figured we could hang out with him while selling our extras and looking for a camper. Unfortunately, the camper in Quartzsite turned out to be in pretty bad condition so we set up camp and continued to search.

Several days of Craigslist searching and many dead-ends later, we were starting to get a little discouraged. Last Friday afternoon, we found a camper in Salt Lake City… over 600 miles from Quartzsite. It’s always a bit of a gamble to drive that far for a used item but the photos seemed to show that this was in really great shape so hit the road immediately bound for Las Vegas. After staying the night in a motel we continued all the way north to SLC. Fortunately, the camper was in great shape as promised. We loaded it up and immediately headed south. Much of our drive back down to St. George was in the snow! Late the next afternoon, we pulled back into camp in Quartzsite excited with our new purchase and even more anxious to sell all our excess stuff. Perhaps even more encouraging was that we’d pulled off about 18mpg with the camper on the way back from Salt Lake.

We managed to divest ourselves of the van on Monday and bid the trailer adieu on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, we packed up the rest of camp and headed into Phoenix. We sold the street bike and found ourselves free! As it turned out, we were only sort of free. Although our Ford we’d purchased as a “temporary” truck to pull the trailer down here while continuing to shop for a different truck has been great for us, we really want to have 4-wheel drive.

After driving all over the Phoenix area, we’ve tracked down what we think is the truck for us: a 1999 Dodge 4×4 with the Cummins diesel. We’re hoping to continue getting fuel mileage in the 18mpg range and having some fun!

Tour of our sweet little camper coming soon!!!

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  1. Hope you are enjoying for camper. After years of really liking our Horizon (trailer with a roof top tent) we got tired of epic weather impacting our trips. We got a camper as well. We get lousier mileage (10-12 mpg) but that was about the same as the FJ pulling a trailer.
    Enjoy your new rig!

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