Cunningham Mountain

Last week, Sprocket and I set out to climb Cunningham Mountain. Cunningham Mountain (3,316′) is the high point of the Dome Rock Mountains which trend north-south between Ehrenburg and Quartzsite. Towering above our camp, the summit just seemed to call to me.

We cheated a bit and used the quad to get to Tule Springs canyon. I wasn’t sure how far the old jeep road on some of the maps extended (or if it was even still there at all) but I figured it would be a good place to start. Sprocket was just happy to be out on his quad.

The road ended about a third of the way up the canyon and turned into a trail. Someone had fairly recently flagged the trail with pink tape which made for nice walking. Sprocket always likes having a trail to follow so he can be the “leader.”

The trail lead right to this big block of petroglyphs. I kept my eyes open for petroglyphs on other rocks around the area but I never saw any. By the time we arrived here, it was starting to get nice and warm…just in time to start climbing up to the summit!

We climbed up to the low saddle to the southeast of the summit and met up with the jeep road from the Quartzsite side. That road doesn’t mess around! I couldn’t believe how steep it was! I should have taken more pictures while climbing the road because that’s where the best views of Quartzsite were but I was more focused on making the last steep quarter mile! Our views from the top weren’t too shabby thought!

Looking west towards Blythe:

Looking east, just south of Quartzsite:

Signal Peak:

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  1. Hey, I just found you from a comment you left over at Grey&Shiny. I love your dog’s name and that you live out West. We lived in Juneau, AK for awhile and my heart is definitely still there. We moved to upstate NY to be closer to family but I miss the mountains/hiking daily. Beautiful pictures!

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