Below Sea Level Peakbagging

Hanging out below sea level leaves few opportunities to grab a summit or two. However, F and I decided it would be a good idea to end 2013 with a bang and head out to Red Hill Marina for a couple of “summits” after we checked out the mud pots: Red Island (-137′) and Red Hill (-127′).

Sprocket was a big fan of the mud near the Alamo River:

From the park, we ambled down toward the beach, past some cool looking rock formations. The Salton Sea is down from it’s highest levels leaving a salt encrusted perimeter. The air smelled salty like being at the ocean but yet I could see mountains across the Sea.

After poking around on the beach, I headed over to Red Hill (on the right) and then over to Red Island (on the left).

We loved exploring the park and I really got a kick out of grabbing another couple of below-sea-level summits for 2013. It made for a really nice adventure for the three of us!

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