#OmniGames: World Cup Mogul Finals

At the conclusion of Day 1 of the #omnigames, we shuttled back to the hotel to get cleaned up for the next big adventure: watching the Freestyle World Cup Mogul finals from the VIP tent! Columbia dished up a whole slew of amazing experiences during #omnigames but this was hard to beat. Justin and I were in an awesome mood after a great day of competition and ready for some relaxation slopeside:

Photo courtesy Justin Lukasavige

From the time we got off the bus and started up the hill with this view:

To walking into the warm, food and drink filled VIP tent:

Photo courtesy 100 Peaks

And most of all, seeing the athletes rock their skills on the hill:

A great time was had by all the #omniten bonding as we stood outside in the chill and laughing over drinks in the VIP tent. I shared this happy GIF from Gina already but I think it is the perfect illustration of the sort of time we were all having:

Photo courtesy Gina Begin

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