Asbestos Point

Towing the trailer with the quad is sometimes a pain in the butt: we’re already a big tall vehicle and adding a trailer to that never helps. However, having the quad around is really nice. We recently unloaded it and headed up to do some exploring in the southern Sierra Ancha. The road we picked lead up to a saddle between Zimmerman Point and Asbestos Point. Both of these summits are easy to pick out when headed north on Highway 288 because of the bright gray streaks of overburden pushed off the edge.

After checking out the saddle near Zimmerman Point, we headed down towards the mining area. The limestone layer that contained the asbestos had plenty of tunnel entries.

The road past the mines ended just below Asbestos Point. Since it was right there I decided that I would scramble up to the summit. Sprocket braved the dense scrub with me…there were some “paths” that wound their way though but the going wasn’t that easy. Luckily it wasn’t very far up to the top.

The camper is wayyyyy down there!:

Instead of retracing our steps, Sprocket and I happily descended the north side of the Point through the pine trees. It was such a pleasant walk that we retrieved F and re-summited!

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