Countdown to #TryingStuffInJordan

I leave for Jordan with Columbia Sportswear and the #omniten in ONE WEEK!!!

Columbia’s making sure that we’re going to have great social media access with smart phones over there so the 3UpAdventures Instagram account will come out of hybernation while I’m there and I’ll be tweeting as we have a blast #TryingStuffInJordan.

On top of the awesomeness from Jordan, I’ve lined up some awesome Guest Posts about #TryingStuff for you all while I’m gone!

One Reply to “Countdown to #TryingStuffInJordan”

  1. OH man! Enjoy that! I remember looking across the Dead Sea, thinking I was only a few hours away from Petra – wanted to go sooo bad!

    If you are a son of this Maghreb of ours and wish for success, then head for the land of the east. Forsake your homeland in pursuit of knowledge…The door to the east lies open: O you who strive after learning, enter it with a glad greeting! Seize the chance of freedom from the cares of the world before family and children ensnare you, before the day comes when you gnash your teeth in regret for the time that is gone.
    Ibn Jubayr, 1183

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