Minty Ford

“I bought you a truck.”

When F says something like that, I get suspicious. My husband has an uncanny ability find great deals on vehicles. Often times, they don’t stick around very often and usually “I bought you _______” is really just a joke.

This time, he found a sweet 1977 Ford F250 in a farmer’s barn. It hadn’t been driven for about seven years and was filled with the sweet aroma of mouse urine and a fairly thick layer of dirt and grime. It has some body damage to the passenger side door and fender but otherwise, it’s in pretty good shape. He towed the truck home to await some TLC. We named it Minty. I call her Minty Ford.

Last weekend we set to work on Ms. Minty: we removed the bench seat to be scrubbed and then I cleaned the whole interior. F looked at the carburetor, checked the fluids, and charged the battery.

Finally, it was time to fire it up: it fired! The fuel pump wasn’t working but for $23 dollars we were able to not only replace the pump but also to add an inline fuel filter and an air freshener. The next step is to drain the old gas and then we’ll have a running truck!

It might be a gas guzzler but it also felt really good to get the truck running rather than just taking it in for scrap. Plus, she’s really cute.

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    1. hahaha We’ve joked about driving it up to Washington but let’s be honest…you’re likely to meet the little Jeep that could. Unless you come visit me here. And then we’ll totally cruise.

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