Twin Peaks Trail

While catching up on the internet at the coffee shop, this tweet came across my news feed:

Obviously, I knew exactly where Katie should come in the San Juans: Ridgway!

When she and her friend Heather arrived, we were all set on hiking but it was 2pm and there were a few threatening storm clouds hovering over the Cimarrons ruling out Courthouse Mountain and any high peaks in the Sneffels range so we decided to go up to Ouray and hike the Perimeter Trail.

As we passed the Old Twin Peaks trailhead, we abandoned all plans of the Perimeter trail instead deciding to head up. We didn’t go to the summit, instead heading down the Twin Peaks trail enjoying the views the whole way. The rain held off until the very end of our hike. It was so lovely to be outdoors with a couple of ladies who love the outdoors as much as I do. (Katie teased me just a little bit about always taking longer hikes than we planned…)

Now, who’s going to come hike to the summit with me?

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