Almost 29 and Looking Forward

The last six months has been a whirlwind of working various jobs while moving towards the ultimate goal of permanently being able to call Ridgway home. To make that happen, we took a camp host position in California but when that didn’t meet expectations, we headed for Oregon. In Oregon we spent way too much time commuting or traveling for work.

Being offered a job in Ridgway was a huge relief: I would be learning a new career and we’d be doing the work of establishing ourselves somewhere for good but it was work I looked forward to. The last two years of being semi-nomadic have been really hard on me. From the day my parents brought me home until I left for college I only lived in one house. My family had birthday and holiday traditions that meant the world to me and I looked forward to establishing some in our home—the instability of the road wasn’t conducive to that happening. I missed having friends I could go visit and get some much needed non-relationship support. Pulling into Ridgway with Forrest at the end of July, I was so hopeful.

On the very first day of my new job, my hopes were dashed. Our six year relationship was over. While occasionally tumultuous, I learned a lot about different ways of looking at the world while we were together. This is not what I’d have ever hoped for but I wish Forrest the best as he takes the next stops in his life.

Next Sunday, I turn 29. Instead of spending my last year of my twenties preparing to build a home with my husband, I’ll be relearning to live on my own. I’ll be chasing goals that had become less of an emphasis when I was part of a couple. I’ll be working on building my own life here in Ridgway. I love blogging here at 3Up Adventures and look forward to sharing my journey with you all.

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  1. I’m so sorry you have to go through this, but I’m so excited to keep reading as you start chasing those goals and keep building up your own life. You deserve to carve out exactly the life you want for yourself.

    PS – I can’t wait to come visit!

  2. I had been wondering if something like this was going on from a couple of comments on social media, but didn’t want to pry. I am so sorry you have to go through this but will continue rooting for you as you move forward!

  3. Hey Beth. It has been really wonderful knowing you these past few years. I truly can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Hope we can get into mischief in person someday soon. xx

  4. Beth, I love you both so much and wish you both the very, very best as you move forward.

    Having been where you are twice, I know how horrible this time of your life is. It’s totally cliched but it honestly does get better, time really is a healer.

    After an initial hard time, I was able to remain friends with both my ex-wives, I hope that can happen for you as well.

    My wish for you is that the day will come when you can look back and see the best in the situation and be grateful for all of it and for wherever it leads you. I know it wasn’t easy for me, but I really can do that today.

    My camp is always open to you and I hope our paths cross often. You are a joy and an inspiration!

  5. Beth, I’m so sorry to hear this but also so hopeful for you as you start this new part of your life. You have always been such an inspiration to me and I’m here if you need anything.

  6. I’ve been thinking about you a ton and I’m very sorry you’re going through this. Wishing you much brightest and I’m very excited to see and support the life you build for yourself!

    Love, L

  7. Life is a journey, I don’t have to tell you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. Stay friends, right now that may not seem important, it will be. You are both wonderful people and I count myself priviledged to know you. Take care, Michael

  8. Exciting days are ahead of you, Beth. Congratulations on your new life life in Ridgway.

    It’s been incredible getting to know you over the past year. You’ve had a big impact on my adventures and I think the best is yet to come.

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