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Everyone needs to have some tools of their own. My grad school roommate’s father had bought her a simple tool kit from Sears plus a hammer and she became the de facto quick fix person in our house. Then I moved in with F who had All The Tools so my biggest concern was knowing where to find the right tool for the job and where to put it back.

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At no point along the lines did I ever have to purchase my own tools. I don’t own a house now, although I’m looking forward to that in the not-so distant future, but I do live in one and I’m fairly self sufficient (YouTube how-to videos are the best!) and need to be able to do some things without borrowing tools.

I won’t be able to buy everything tomorrow but I do want to start budgeting to spend a little money on tools each month. So I turn to you all, dear readers, what tools do you use all the time?

The List, so far:

  1. Screwdriver (already have)
  2. Tape measure (already have)
  3. Utility knife and blades (already have)
  4. Cordless drill (I’m embarking on a pretty major drywall project so this is a requirement!)
  5. Hammer
  6. Pry-bar
  7. Dikes (Turns out that’s a portmanteau word for “diagonal cutters,” cool, huh?)


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  1. I’m a really big fan of the Ryobi 18 volt cordless kit from Home depot. They are by far the best for the money. For $100 you get a cordless drill, circular saw, charger and 2 batteries. They aren’t professional level, but they are very, very good. There is also a very large assortment of other 18 volt tools that share the same batteries.

    1. I think they’ve gone up in price! The Ryobi 18V was $130 in the store for just the drill, charger, and one battery! I chose to go with the Rigid instead since it has a lifetime warranty, even for the batteries. It was $140 but it should last me forever!

  2. Mallet; wire strippers; assorted sized scrapers (plastic works well for most jobs but eventually pick up a good flexible metal one too); decent drill bit and driver set; duct, electrical and Teflon tape; wire ties; crescent wrench, and if it’s still made a Robo grip (one of the best freaking tools ever!).

    Not now, but eventually a good 3/8″ ratchet set and wrench set. Several years ago we broke down and bought a nice ratchet set that came in a case, no more missing sockets! Not entirely true but it was easy to replace the two I lost and place them in the lonely slots in the case.

    We’re in the process of selling our house, pairing down (tools included) and gonna move into a van to drive the Pan American highway. We’re still building out the van but you were a big inspiration as we were deciding on what “life break” we wanted to take. Thanks!


  3. Target stores carries a basic set of Black and Decker tools in a bag for approximately $20. Hammer, pliers, measuring tape and level. ..I got my set a while back.
    I’m in love with my new Black and Decker Matrix system – I only have the drill/driver, sander and 4″ skill saw….there are more parts available. They are cordless and came with a 20 volt rechargeable lithium battery which charged lasts a long time.

    Hugs -you don’t need me to remind you that you and Sprocket can do anything!

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