Colorado 14ers: Uncompahgre Peak

After the wild weather the night before, I wasn’t sure what Sprocket and I were going to wake up to. I shouldn’t have worried. We had the most gorgeous fall day for hiking! I had left home unsure if I’d take Sprocket on the hike but he quickly decided for me: this dog knows what sleeping at a trailhead is all about and he was not about to stay behind.

Sprocket and I made decent time heading up the trail, enjoying the views. Considering that we were on a 14er, we hardly ran into anyone at all!

Sprocket seemed to be soaking up every minute of the hike. He’s been quite the summit dog this fall—he definitely always seems to feel that the correct direction is up! (He also totally impressed me on this hike when he was able to pretty much ignore another off leash dog that wanted to play. Sprocket instead was focused on the hike.)

Just in case there were any worries about Sprocket handling the short scramble section on Uncompahgre, let me lay that to rest by saying he definitely lead me through this section:

Celebrating Sprocket’s first 14er!

I feel so lucky to call this place home:

7 Replies to “Colorado 14ers: Uncompahgre Peak”

  1. Wow- go sprocket! I am impressed. Generally, we tend to avoid 14ers and instead hit up high 13ers because they are less crowded and because they tend to be easier for the dogs. It doesn’t sound like sprocket needed it though!

    1. I think I’m spoiled when it comes to crowd avoidance in the San Juans. I knocked out Sneffels mid-week and then haven’t had any crowding problems on other 14ers at all! Furthermore, I’m loving the fall summits–so pretty with no one around!

      Sprocket actually lovesscrambling up things. I was really worried this summer that his hiking days were done but he seemed to perk up as the temperatures cooled.

    1. I fully intend to convince you all that my house really is just a #omniguesthouse. Ask Aleya…she was here for less than 12 hours and we had a blast.

  2. I am so jealous of your dog’s achievements right now! haha, I was just thinking earlier today that I would really love a hike a 14-er. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you & Sprocket

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