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  1. A little while back I was hiking to Engineer Pass. As I hiked, I could hear sheep off to my right. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of them. As I neared the pass I came to the spot where they were congregating. Having hiking in the wild with grizzly bears, moose, and caribou, the sheep didn’t really scare me.

    As I approached the sheep, the sheep dog came into view. He barked fiercely, but he didn’t come at me. Instead he stayed near the sheep. He ran side to side in front of the sheep, looking and barking at me the entire time.

    I decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble. I never did get to climb the pass.

    1. You were hiking Bear Creek Trail, right? I really need to do that!

      (Come back! Bring Brenda! We’ll cheat and drive to 13,000′ and then start hiking. Above the sheep!)

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