Gear Review: SKINourishment SPA Deodorant (+ a giveaway!)

My mom’s family decided a couple of years ago (in my absence) to do a White Elephant gift exchange for Christmas instead of drawing names. I actually despise this decision and participated in the White Elephant exchange this year under protest. I really enjoy picking out presents for people and White Elephants take all the fun out of it for me. I made the best of it and put together the best package of awesomeness from SKINourishment ever.

Seriously. I almost took back my own gift. Which is why I’m super pumped to be giving away an awesome package of goodies from SKINourishment as the first ever giveaway on 3Up. (Keep reading or click here to jump right to the giveaway)

Fortunately, I went ahead and purchased a climbOn lip tube and some SKINourishment SPA deodorant for myself when I made the order. I had everything shipped to my mom’s to wrap (for the gift stuff) or take home (for my stuff) when I got there.

It took about a day for my lip balm and deodorant to be swapped out for their SKINourishment counterparts. I’ve written about my love for climbOn lotion bars before and I was super excited to find more things made from natural ingredients that actually work. They’re not joking around about natural ingredients either: they use no phthalates, no petroleum byproducts, and everything is food grade. (Seriously, how awesome is it that when you find yourself with a lotion bar but no lip balm, you can just use the lotion bar?!) I have some skin sensitivity issues so I’ve been trying to make the switch to as many green products as possible. I hate seeing the looongggg list of chemicals on some of my personal care and cleaning products!

That being said, I’m not willing to change to a deodorant that just doesn’t work, you know? I’m really pleased with the performance of the deodorant so far. SKINourishment’s deodorant is not an antiperspirant, which is totally okay with me since I’ve found that most deodorant/anti-perspirant combinations don’t really stop the sweating anyway. I bought the low-scent version of the deodorant which actually has a really pleasing smell. (It can’t be “no-scent” as is pointed out on the website because that requires chemical maskers since natural ingredients have a scent.)

I’ve been wearing it for daily use for a week now and it’s been great. New Year’s Eve was the big test though: could I dance my face off for hours and not smell horrible? The answer was a resounding YES.

SKINourishment Giveaway

One of my goals for 2015 is to continue to replace chemical laden cleaning and personal care products with truly green products (I’m not content with things labeled “natural” or “green” that still have lists of synthetic chemicals a mile long.)

I’m super excited to be giving away an awesome package of SKINourishment goodies to a lucky reader to start their new year off with a new kit of awesome natural skin care products!

The package contains two mini-lotion bars (one original scent and one men’s scent…I use and adore both and couldn’t pick just one), a lip tube, a deodorant, and an awesome face wash.

Enter below! Leave me a comment about what your 2015 goals are and share via Twitter!

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24 Replies to “Gear Review: SKINourishment SPA Deodorant (+ a giveaway!)”

  1. My goals are to lose the baby weight, finish my Florida Trail thru-hiking book, and get back into my creative outlets!

    Interesting brand, I have never heard of them. Even if I don’t win I think I’ll check them out anyway!

    1. Hey Misti,

      Are you writing this book or reading it? It looks as if you’re writing it which sounds like a great creative outlet!

      I miss my creative outlets. As a senior in High School I took 2 art classes and that was awesome. However recently I decorated a friends car in good fun.

      You likely haven’t heard of us because we are small family-owned company. My Aunt actually started making these products back in 1996. We still make all of our own products and currently there are only 5 of us. I am really the only one who does any of the marketing. We depend on word of mouth because it works, it’s cheap but most of all it’s genuine and real.

      Feel free to let me know if you need anything.

  2. I have a ton of “resolutions” this year and they’re all drafted in document with time-line goals. HAHA (teacher in me). These are just some of them. 🙂

    1. Lost 12 pounds
    2. Complete the beachbody “combat” workout program in 90 days
    3. Move onto a new at home workout program to supplement running – probably insanity
    4. Run a half marathon (my 4th one)
    5. Earn some extra cash with fitness coaching
    6. Continue to explore clean eating recipes and post recipes/pics like a mad man – I already do this. 🙂
    7. Drink more green tea and water

    1. Earning more cash with a side business sounds awesome!

      As our friends at the Outdoor Woman’s Association have on their shirts – take your passion and make it happen.

      Perhaps you could use something like Wix, WordPress, or Sqaurespace to create a nice little site for you side business. There’s also some really great booking software if you block off certain times every week a facility.

  3. I didn’t make concrete “resolutions” this year, but I have plenty of goals for the year:

    1. Drink more water. Such a small and easy thing that makes such a difference in how I feel.
    2. Decluttering and purging! We don’t have a lot of stuff, but I’m bound and determined to pare down even more.
    3. Finish my first and second quilts, both works in progress at the moment.
    4. Learn to row!

  4. My goals are to get more people out hiking (I just know they’ll love it if they tried), make sure EVERYONE knows about how fabulous hiking in South Dakota can be, lose a bit more weight by eating healthy, and to be happy.

    1. Oooh. I’ve been contemplating a South Dakota trip since it’s one of my missing states. Mostly planning on doing some county highpointing though…

  5. Lose 50 pounds to keep up with my active son and prepare for a 10 mile hike. Prepare the 8 Webelos in my sons den for crossover into boy scouts.

    1. I’m walking/hiking short distances twice a day
      Paying off my current debt
      Taking more thought and making decisions based on my life goals (living debt free, traveling light and often, being physically active, eating whole foods, using nature as medicine, cultivating heathy relationships)
      Seeing myself as beautiful!

  6. They look like great products! I’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that works for ages, so I’m really excited about this.

  7. Oh, and my goals for 2015! To start snowshoeing this winter, to hike more this summer, and in general to spend more time outdoors, and to choose adventure over passive entertainment.

  8. I try not to make resolutions, because they always seem to be broken… but my goal for 2015 is to take more adventures (of all sizes)… perhaps a trip out to CO for some hiking? And running all the races, obviously. I want to live the f*ck out of 2015!

    And I’ll definitely be looking in to SKINourishment! I’m always looking for organic/natural products that don’t irritate my sensitive skin. I’m trying to get as many chemicals out of my life as possible!

  9. I’ve only got three real goals for 2015, but they’re big ones:

    1. Release a new album (in the recording process now!)
    2. Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail (collecting my gear!)
    3. Write a new album while thru-hiking the AT.

    These products look really cool, and I’m always down with more green brands in my life. Hope I get the chance to try them out – thanks for doing a giveaway! 🙂

  10. Our family goals are to try and get outside with our 1yr old everyday, even if its for a short time, save up for baby #2 and try to get pregnant.

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