Gear Review: Heather Hills Dress

So “gear review” might be stretching it a little here but I’m just going to go with it…

When I started teaching in September I quickly realized that I did not have enough clothing that was even close to teacher appropriate, especially as fall began to draw near. Layers over yoga and running tanks was only going to take me so far! (Same went for my collection of shorts and running pants.)

I was having way too much fun hiking and enjoying September in the San Juans to want to spend my time driving to Grand Junction or Durango to spend hours in a Ross or TJ Maxx attempting to find anything I liked. So instead, I turned to the Internet and Columbia.

I found two dresses that I thought would work well for school, the Wear It Everywhere dress (no longer available online, although it was too short anyway) and the Heather Hills dress.

Where it Everywhere:

Heather Hills dress ($60):

I love this dress so much that I’m thinking about ordering it in another color. It’s super comfy. I wish that it came in an XXS (mine is an XS) since it is still a little bit baggier than I’d like through the chest and waist but it’s probably perfect for school. (It also seems to have shrunk a bit with washing and fits awesome now.) The Hyper Purple is a super fun color (my next one will probably be the also adorable Deep Blush). I’ve been complemented by several of my very cool dressing upperclass students so I’m calling it a total win. (I mean, there was one time one of my sophomores called it a “sweatshirt dress” but I don’t think they know enough about the 80s for that to have been an insult).

These dresses were purchased by me through Columbia’s #omniten ambassador program however all opinions are my own.

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