Spring Break to Mexico, Part 3

In the morning, we departed our sweet camping spot and headed for Ensenada. Instead of sticking to the highway, we took a side road through the countryside (past a bunch of wineries!). I didn’t take long though before we climbed over a hill and then dropped down into Ensenada. Once we got to Ensenada it was time to find some food because when am I not looking for food when I’m in a foreign country?

We were sort of looking for a juice stand but instead found this man selling jackfruit (known in Spanish as “yaka”) and a few really yummy frozen sorbet like fruit treats. The one I got had some coconut in it but some of something else. I have no idea what it was but it hit the spot while looking for some tacos…

The way I select taco stands is to look for the one full of locals. This place just before we headed out of town fit the bill. The carne asada tacos really hit the spot as my first Mexican meal of the trip!

We continued south of town climbing up into more gorgeous green hills. We passed into the Santo Tomás Valley where there were more wineries (a wine trip to Baja or just more wine next Baja trip is in order…). The scenery was incredible and I was pretty much in awe that this was Mexico the entire time.

In the small town of Colonet, we turned west down a dirt road to go see the Pacific Ocean. In the sunshine it was absolutely glorious! I absolutely love the ocean so it was fun to just see it for a bit.

We briefly hung out near the Catro Casas Hostel and watched some surfers before making the turn inland towards San Telmo.

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