1977 Jeep Cherokee: Power Steering Pump

When I had my steering debacle in SLC, I noticed that the power steering hoses were showing some wear and it probably didn’t help any when the whole steering box was hanging from them…

Since I was going to replace the hoses anyway, I checked on the price of a power steering pump and realized that for $40, I needed to go ahead and replace it anyway since I was going through the work of changing the hoses.

All mechanical projects seem to take me quite awhile, but I’m learning and becoming much more proficient. It’s a process but I’m kind of proud of myself.

The good news is that my steering feels so much better. The sort of good news is that I’ve located the steering fluid leak and it’s not the pump or the hoses (although I think there was at least weeping from them both before). The bad news is that it’s at the pitman shaft seal. So I’m trying to figure out how to proceed–fortunately, a rebuild kit for the steering box is cheap, it’s just another new thing to learn!

2 Replies to “1977 Jeep Cherokee: Power Steering Pump”

  1. Beth, thank you for sharing these adventures and challenges. The way that you are stretching yourself encourages me to stretch myself as well.

    I simply thought that you might like to know that you are encouraging! BTW I have not forgotten our conversations from Yuma a couple years ago. Thanks for writing your blog.


  2. Hi Beth!
    What an amazing person you are! I live in south central Utah and work in Texas. I drive a different route every time I commute( every 9 days ). I love you’re spirit of adventure!
    I have been on some of the same roads, Awesome scenery and the people I have met on my travels are great!
    Thanks for sharing your love for the outdoors and adventure with everyone.



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