1977 Cherokee: Car & Driver Review

Sometimes I start reading random things on the internet and later can’t remember who brought them to my attention. A few weeks ago, this awesome link showed up: a 1977 Car and Driver review of the AMC Cherokee. What is even more exciting is that they specifically sought out an “S” model: “We deliberately ordered a rather conservatively equipped Cherokee. We wanted to examine a medium-priced vehicle that the median consumer might actually buy.” Since Francis is an “S” model, I got way too excited about it.

I don’t read a lot of car reviews so I have no idea how this compares to anything else but this phrase, right at the beginning of the article pretty much nailed it: we .. “found it to be a strangely loveable vehicle.” EXACTLY. Strangely loveable is right.

And I’m probably the only one out there that just totally smiles her face off at tidbits like this: “It lacks the third seat available in vans, Suburbans and full-size station wagons, but all that means is that it probably won’t see much use as a school bus.”

And the were absolutely not kidding when they said “The man who lives in snow country, skis or boats or hunts or fishes, or just likes to get out and really see the country, should give the Cherokee wagon some serious consideration.”

But mostly, it’s that tag line: “A Conestoga for the courageous”

I don’t think Car and Driver quite pictured this Conestoga-ness but just maybe they did. 🙂

It’s sort of a ridiculous find but if you like old Jeeps and car reviews with personality it makes for a totally amusing read. I seriously grinned the entire time.

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