Although Palisade Peach season is coming to an end, I’ve finally been settled enough to really start enjoying the awesome local produce.

Last week, I made three batches of peach jam.

My first batch I used low sugar Sure-Jell. I’ve only ever made berry jams so this one turned out too chunky at the end (although I think it’ll really taste great on waffles).

The next batch, I used Pomona’s Pectin. This pectin uses calcium to gel, not sugar like most pectins, so you can use smaller amounts. For my first batch, I decided to only vary one thing at a time and just softened the peaches on the stovetop a bit before adding the sugar, lemon juice and pectin although I still stuck with about two cups of sugar.

This batch turned out at a much better consistency so for my final batch, I cut the sugar down to 1 cup and cooked it again.

Then this week, I decided it was time to make pie. I really really love pie.

Peaches and cream pie! I had a slice on my way to school this morning. It is delicious.

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  1. OMG I too have enjoyed sweet delicious peaches this summer. A little known fact is that AZ. Grows some fantastic peaches and they have peach festivals which I went to one and was in heaven. I would love to taste your preserves and your peach pie’s are killing me. My favorite way to enjoy a peach is when I get up in the AM I put a peach on a paper towel into the freezer for about a half hour and the enjoy a good chilled peach for breakfast…

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