Stoney Pass

After we climbed Buffalo Peak, Sprocket and I loaded up and headed towards Deckers, Colorado.

This area was heavily burned in 2002 during the Hayman fire; the largest in Colorado history. Now, over 13 years later, the area has an almost beautiful surrealism.

Through the desolation, I had some glimpses back towards Buffalo Peak:

I find forest fire to be really fascinating. The Silver Valley of Idaho where I used to live had been heavily burned in the Fire of 1910 (that fire burned huge chunks of Idaho and Montana) and if one watched carefully snags from the fire could still be seen around the area. Driving thorough this area was a really similar experience—while it is really sad that many people lost their homes and it might not be as traditionally beautiful as a lush green forest, it has its beauty.

Our next stop was Thunder Butte which is also located in the Hayman burn area.

3 Replies to “Stoney Pass”

  1. Like everyone I truly hate forest fires, the amount of deviation and destruction not to mention the loss of life is heart wrenching. But nature takes care of her own disregarding human encroachment as forest fires are very good for maintaining a healthy forest…

    1. Part of the issue with our really terrible fires is that we’ve suppressed them for so long that the fuel load is really really high. Most of the fires we see now are not really representative of the natural cycle.

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