Phew: Adventures in Webmastering

Saturday, before heading out for Halloween festivities, I received an email from Google webmaster tools informing me that my site had likely been hacked. As I worked through their list of things to check, I discovered that some URL insertions had happened. According to the search results, 3Up Adventures had pages for a slew of pharmaceuticals.

I realized that combing through the code of WordPress was really not within my skill set. Of course, I didn’t realize this until after I pretty well entirely broke the site. I decided that if people were really trying to browse 3Up Adventures on Halloween that they would just be out of luck, and left it broke until Sunday afternoon. Back at home in De Beque, I realized that I’d been really blase about database and image backups for the site but I was able to recover and download these.

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, or in this case, all my themes, customizations and plugins, I just started over with what really matters to me: my content.

There has been some heavy discussion about the use of blogs, social media, and self promotion circulating through my world after Essena O’Neill’s odd social media bashing social media fueled announcement. I blog mostly for myself, this little blog only gets a couple hundred page views everyday. My blog Facebook is sorta a ghost town )but that seems to be because I won’t pay Facebook) although I like to think I share some sorta cool stuff, my Twitter is for relationships, and apparently my Instagram is all about photos of Sprocket. But. I can’t actually get mad at Ms. O’Neill. When for a few minutes I thought I might have lost my entire blog, I was devastated.

In an odd sort of way, I love this blog. It is a way for me to look back at the last five (FIVE?!) years of my life and take stock of what I’ve done. I haven’t talked about my feelings a ton (although there definitely has been some feeling talk) but I have heavily recounted adventures spanning from Washington to Mexico to Jordan. For an instant on Sunday afternoon, I pondered canning this project and just letting it die a hacker induced death. But I can’t do that. I’m still waiting for all my images to upload via FTP (thus you will probably see some broken images in the above links) but 3Up Adventures is still standing.

Thanks for reading. It means the world.

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  1. Hey, I love reading your stuff…even though I am behind on blogs lately. I’m actually always upset when I see people saying ‘blogging is dead’…I’m like–No, no it’s not! People have said that for 10 years. Blogging is alive and well especially among certain communities.

    At times I get down about my own blog but when I see the posts that are referred to over and over again I realize that it is a resource for someone! So, I keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much for the love. Blogging really seems to have longevity and community when the person doing it does it because they actually want to record and share happenings.

  2. Hate hearing you got hacked. I am a little surprised that happen on a WordPress platform. I run a backup on my hard drive but I rarely back up my blog on Blogger. I have all my photos on a SD card, hard drive and external drive that does the automatic backup.

    I agree with you … content is the key. The design’s, templates are nice but really just eye candy. Losing photos of Sprocket though would be hard to take. From personal experience, (user mistake) I lost about two years of my bloodhound when she was a puppy.

    Keep writing for yourself. Blogs are great personal references and actually easier to find stuff than going back through a hand written journal.

    I am happy to be one of your few hundred readers. I love your trips, your photos and of course your dog.


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