Christmas Tree Cutting 2015: Grand Mesa

Friday morning, Sprocket and I headed up to Grand Mesa in the four-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols.* The weather was great, I remembered the saw (and the snowshoes that I neglected last year)…

We walked around a bit until we found a tree. I attempted to grab a photo of us and the tree but mostly I just grabbed a cute shot of me and the pup.

We got the tree home and made it the 3Up Christmas Tree 2015:

*I reserve the right to reference “Christmas Vacation” on each and every Christmas tree hunt forever.

5 Replies to “Christmas Tree Cutting 2015: Grand Mesa”

  1. Oh man luv this post, a day spent finding the perfect tree, cold noses and hot toddies as ya decorate the tree… This is what I miss about Christmas as a full time traveler… Hmm why not get a outside tree, darn it Beth you and your grand ideas…♡♡♡

    1. Both the BLM and National Forests sell Christmas tree permits. Our local forests only charge $7. There are some requirements about where you can and can’t cut your tree but mostly you just get to tromp around and pick one up!

  2. Hi Beth! Grand Mesa is my favorite place in the world!!!!! I grew up in Delta, CO. I LOVE your tree and all your adventures, I hope to be back in my home state for good someday…till then I’ll keep suffering in the FLAT Midwest. Merry Christmas!

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