2015 In Review: Top Adventures

Okay, I’m sitting down at the SeaTac airport on my way home from Christmas trying to pick my top adventures and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. (Think this Mac & Jack’s Cascadian Dark is going to help?) Heather mentioned in her roundup of 2015 that one of her favorite things about having a blog is the record of all the adventures and I can’t help but concur: I love all of my faithful readers a lot but the best part is the record I have of my own adventures! I’m cheating a bit and lumping some adventures together but I hope you enjoy!

Driving Francis, the FSJ

I found myself driving my 1977 Cherokee as my daily driver for most of 2015. This wasnot my original intention and I pretty much did a number on my bank account driving it all over Colorado this summer but I’m really glad I did. I learned a lot since I replaced the rag joint, the steering box, the power steering pump FOUR TIMES (a leaky pump, a replacement bad pump, a poor installation of mine trying to reuse a reservoir and the final fix), and the starter. To be really honest, 38-year old Francis treated me really well in our 10,000 (!) miles of adventure and I have no complaints. Sleeping in the spacious cargo area for most of the summer worked out really well!

Baja, Mexico; Spring Break

Although I didn’t reach the summit of Picacho del Diablo, I always enjoy traveling to Mexico and this was no exception. I got to do everything from enjoy the beach to play on subalpine granite and really enjoyed some time in the sun. As always, I can’t wait to get back to old Mexico (and hopefully climb that devil of a mountain next time!).

Colorado County Highpointing

Chasing my goal to reach 50% on the Colorado County High Point list was so wonderful this year! Earlier this month, I actually reached my goal after some driving around the eastern plains but I spent most of the summer traveling all over the state visiting new places. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to do some more next summer (and hopefully finish the list!).

Arizona Thanksgiving Road Trip

SP and I headed south for our Thanksgiving break and covered a lot of ground. I reached the high point of 6 counties, drove all over the place, thought a lot, and just enjoyed some time to myself. I also got to enjoy Thanksgiving with my friend Maryanne and her family.

Maryanne and Jamie

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