Tacoma at Christmas: Sledding at Snoqualmie Pass

The day after Christmas, my sister and I decided to take all three of the boys up to Snoqualimie Pass to play in the snow. She said that Will and Kevin (the middle one and the little) didn’t really remember snow so we figured they’d like some sledding and playing in the fluffy white stuff.

They were a little rambunctious on the ride up (Will’s face just says it all about his older brothers…) but they were super excited when we hit snowline just outside of North Bend.

Kevin (aka Junior)’s excited face selfie:

I kind of sent the two older boys to the first pile of snow I saw and they promptly lost gloves and got buried in waste deep powder. Fortunately, Junior was wearing my GoPro and captured some of the carnage.

The sledding hill that was going on was a little bit intense. There was a giant bump in the middle that none of the adults appeared interested in addressing. Andrew and Junior both tried it a couple of times and then they were pretty done with it.

Andrew made friends with another little boy who had a shovel and he proceeded to spend the rest of his time in the snow making tunnels and forts.

Junior mostly belly crawled around in the powdery snow.

Will wasn’t totally sure about this whole snow thing but eventually he figured out that being pulled around in the sled was kind of fun.

We left with a very tired crew of boys who wrapped up the fun with some “Mick and Donalds” and headed back to Tacoma!

3 Replies to “Tacoma at Christmas: Sledding at Snoqualmie Pass”

  1. Great fun and looks like an amazing amount of snow. I heard a few weeks ago when it started to fall, they had a 152″ base at Stevens Pass. Miss the area.

    1. Did any of your nephews have the reaction my granddaughter had on her first sledding hill – a mix of terror and excitement at the same time? Same thing at the rock gym. She’s scared and pumping out, loudly complaining about it, near the top. We shouted up that she could lean back on the rope and rest. She shouted back “No! I’m having too much fun!” I’ve never been so proud. She made the top by the way.

      Enjoying the blog. Hope you’re still having fun out there.

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