De Beque, Colorado: Samson Mesa

In a move totally unlike me, I decided to use this long weekend to Get Stuff Done. Taking breaks to enjoy being outside was totally necessary thought! The weather on Saturday was really fantastic so I broke out the shorts and we headed on another exploratory drive, this time south of town. Parts of the road were muddy but we made it out to the end of the road on Samson Mesa.

With less than a quarter mile to the top, I decided to skip the snowshoes and see how well the crusted snow would hold me. The answer was really not at all, it was super warm for February and things were turning a little slushy. Sprocket and I didn’t really mind and away we went.

The view of the Housetop Mountain-Castle Peak-Horsethief Mountain basin was amazing! It definitely had me pondering routes up all three peaks, of course.

The hike even had a little reminder that this is pinon high desert hiking: I stabbed myself with this little cactus!

After the summit, we headed back to the jeep and it was time to get productive! (More on that later!)

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  1. Awesome! I’ve never explored around De Beque much even though it’s super close to me. Must research what’s out there. Love that you’re tinkering around to figure out where access is. I hate coming across those vague, no trespassing signs since there are SO many all over the place and property owners are kind of known for putting them up even though there is a public right of way! Ack!

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