Miscellaneous Mesa Adventures

I haven’t been on any crazy big hikes lately but I have been exploring (and finding myself at the “peak” of) various mesas and knobs around De Beque.

This means driving up some muddy roads and seeing where I can get. (And it means washing my Jeep about twice a weekend.)

It means studying county assessor GIS maps to figure out where there’s public land.

It’s the time of year where the things you climb don’t bring glory and aren’t impressive to anyone but you and your canine companion.

It’s the time of year where you find yourself swearing at scrub oak but spotting cow elk sunning themselves on south facing slopes.

It’s the time of year where you wear shorts or capris and know you shouldn’t. (See above points about scrub oak.) It’s the time of year for postholing because taking snowshoes on and off gets old.

It’s the time of year where you try crazy maneuvers to avoid trespassing because all you want is a high mountain peak but they’re not very accessible with your knowledge or smart to approach solo.

It’s a really frustrating time of year.

The hints of spring are in the air though, and it’s hopeful:

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